'our creation is that guru; the duration of our lives is that guru; our trials, illnesses and calamaties is that guru. There is a guru that is nearby and a guru that is beyond the beyond. I humbly make my offering to the guru, the beautiful remover of ignorance, the enlightenment principle that is within me and surrounds me at all times.'
Guru Stotram

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I read recently that when writing one is best advised to know what the chase is and cut to it. With that in mind, I'm delighted to share with you the exciting news that I've taken on a business and creative partner - Yvette Gresle. Together we will be known as Knowles / Gresle. Knowles / Gresle will be a multi-disciplinary encounter that will be a platform for showcasing challenging creative projects and making a living at the same time. Et voila!

Knowles / Gresle will have three equally focal hubs. Firstly, as a financially viable art dealership and consultancy service, whose clients will be procuring the finest contemporary art for their collections, under our expert guidance. Secondly, as a curatorial base, without financial aspiration, for our own personal interest in challenging ephemeral, installation and performance art. And thirdly, these two strands will be brought together and developed theoretically through our own ongoing writing projects. The whole encounter will sit somewhere between a business and a creative experience, blurring the lines of each to the benefit of both.

I'm very proud of the fantastic things that have come out of Beverley Knowles Fine Art and I'm really grateful to all the wonderful people who've been involved along the way. I wouldn't change a minute of any of that. But nothing is forever and now is the time for the next big thing. In order to get Knowles / Gresle up and running we're going to need to re-claim the time and energy that is currently being given to the space that is Beverley Knowles Fine Art at 88 Bevington Road. We will therefore be saying a sad, but also a joyful goodbye to the bubblegum pink gallery that has been my beloved professional home since October 2005. We've had some times here for sure - the sublime to the unmentionable, the tears and the tantrums. And of course there'll be plenty more of all that under the exciting new auspices of Knowles / Gresle.

Beverley Knowles Fine Art will morphose seamlessly into Knowles / Gresle on 21 May 2009. I'll let you know the new contact and website details nearer the time. I look forward to introducing you to Yvette.

With lots of warm wishes for now and the future...

B x

About Yvette Gresle
Of French descent and hailing jointly from South Africa and Seychelles Yvette Gresle has recently embraced London as her spiritual and artistic home. In 2000 she graduated from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg with an MA in Art History, pre-empting her enthusiasm for all things English with a thesis on Aubrey Beardsley and Oscar Wilde. More recently she spent four years as a full time researcher, exploring public intellectual life and contemporary art in post apartheid South Africa. For the past twelve years she has worked as an independent arts writer, contributing regularly to contemporary arts magazine Art South Africa (www.artsouthafrica.com).

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