'our creation is that guru; the duration of our lives is that guru; our trials, illnesses and calamaties is that guru. There is a guru that is nearby and a guru that is beyond the beyond. I humbly make my offering to the guru, the beautiful remover of ignorance, the enlightenment principle that is within me and surrounds me at all times.'
Guru Stotram

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Excerpts from The Diary of Miss World...

Today was my first day as Miss World and time to meet the press! I am still a little amazed at what has happened to me. It is sinking in more now but when I spoke to my family last night, it was an incredible feeling. My family got together to watch the Final on TV and my mum called me right after. She was so excited and there was shouting and celebrations in the background. I went online to speak with friends and suddenly everyone was there waiting for me. I couldn’t believe how many people were congratulating me at once. They even managed to bring my two dogs to the camera. I am looking forward to what the following days will bring, and I am excited to see what lies in store for me for the year ahead!

Since being crowned Miss World In October, I have been so very busy. Each morning I attend an English teaching school near to where I'm staying in London, spending four hours a day in an intense English class learning the language at a rapid pace. I'll be returning home at the end of the month! Getting home and seeing my people, for me, is the first part of this journey. Then, I'll be embarking on my ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ journey around the world in the New Year, which I am so incredibly excited about. Now I can begin helping all those disadvantaged people around the world and raise money for good causes. My aim is to raise a record amount!

I have been so busy, already I have visited some incredible places and have met some wonderful people, from many different cultures and backgrounds. I visited Russia and had a few days of sightseeing in Moscow, starting at the Kremlin, the residence of the President of the Russian Federation.

I was lucky enough to be travelling again and started my trip around Cambodia this month, it has been amazing. The people are so warm and friendly, I have been made to feel welcome everywhere I go. I looked around the museums and also attended a theatre performance with everyone in full costume. It was so colourful! I will leave Cambodia with so many happy memories

I have had a really good time during my stay in China this week. I was on stage for the signing ceremony announcing the Miss World 2010 Final to take place in Sanya. I had never seen so many journalists and photographers at a press conference before! I gave a speech at the conference and told the reporters that I am delighted that the Final will be held in Sanya as I really like it there. The people are nice and friendly, the beaches are amazing, and I think the Miss World contestants who will be travelling there this year will love it as much as I do. I also had the pleasure of taking a trip to Ordos, one of the key destinations in this year’s contest. I received a very warm welcome, and everyone there was happy to see me, with a special dinner given to mark the visit. I am looking forward to returning there already. While I will be sad as my Miss World experience will soon be coming to a close, I am very happy that the place to end my year will be Sanya.

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